8 audio ouputs for a sonic bike

 In 2018, Buzz Bike, Coventry, Development, Imagineer

Back in the BRI Berlin lab with Sukander to develop the sonic bike system play to 8 discrete audio channels.
This is for Buzz Bike completion that I’m going to work on in Coventry next week. There the Buzz has 3 bass transducers attached to its long passenger carrying box, and a fourth that is attached tight under the cyclists’s seat. Then 4 other channels playing out from minirigs attached to the top of the Box.

First thing here then is to realise our system playing from Raspberry Pi out to 8 channels. As far as we have found, no-one yet seems to have done this.

Here’s the new and conveniently Pi sized small USB interface that we’ve found and first need to hack. ie. to optimize the output level for each channel, so we are not in the bad situation of having to normalise all audio files to be loud enough.

Then we take it out on the street and yes, after a long week’s work, it works. Note: we have developed this on a Raspberry Pi 3, so an upgrade form the Pi2 system which has been surprisingly tough. Onwards to Coventry next week!

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