Street mapping welcomed

 In 2019, Bruges, To find a white bear

After a night tossing ‘neath images of hellfire and damnation, winged sonic bikes their tyres boiling and exploding into torrents of black rubber that fill the canals and poison the bear-headed fish who shit blood-sucking giant termites climbing the steps of the perfect rooves slowly slowly step by step, trailing their fluorescent purple shit behind them licked up by 3 legged naked children following, the entire thing sonically enhanced by mosquitoes (the Flemish ones yes are the most vicious ),  I know the time has come to face the music and get down to some on bike street mapping. Relief!  The piece will begin at a pop up space opposite de Republiek on Sint-Jakobsstraat near the Market Square and it’s agreed that it should be only around 30 minutes long. I’m worried about the cobbled streets. They are everywhere. I’m assessing them as impossible, noise cobbles and OK. There’s also the huge  ‘T Zand square in the South and the encouragment from AMOK to explore the North of the city so it’s going to be tight. However, by the end of the day, I can finally sit in the Markt square with a 6€ beer (yeouch) and listen to it all go by. I think I have a route.  Only 2 moments of noise cobbles, the North East doesn’t work, but North North loops in fine, we go past the Bear, there are 2 very different canals, the Sint Anne Kirche twisting round to the Jerusalem Kirche, lots of silent tiny home living streets  and 5 mins opted in to play the find the bear game in the T Zand square. Here is T Zand below. It’s more than twice the size of the Millenium plaza Coventry.

< note on cobble concern. bouncing sonic bikes create noise and damage bike mounted electronics also bouncing. requires slow cycling >

Another visit today was the Concertgebouw Circuit which is a sound installation through the 5 floors of this 21stC concert hall that has of course a locally made and supremely old carillon installed to play outside on it’s roof. The plain concrete surfaces, staircases and uncluttered spaces invoke a welcome freedom from the sense of control and threat that has been growing subliminally from the churches and images and all those systems historical I realise. Relief number 2.

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