Sunday the anatomy

 In 2019, Bruges, To find a white bear

First thing Sunday morning and I’m in the quiet calm of the Sint-Jans hospital museum. As well as further lavish artworks inspired by behave or hell and damnation, (Hans Memling )  and yet more ludicrous stories, (Sint Ursula and the 11,000 virgins),  it was also a hospital in early Medieval times,  and houses fascinating material of early anatomical discoveries in Flanders. I’m needing more grounded sources to complete my final bike street mapping today.

I’m also wanting to complete the meeting of today’s makers-of-things-locally.  As well as Germaine the lace maker, I have met and recorded a linen weaver, a pancake maker, a sweet maker, chocolate maker, a cake maker, a coffee roaster and grinder and maker and next up is the brewer. Right now though, I would love to record these guys below. The body by the way is a prisoner. The only people thought worthy to chop up.

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