the power of context

 In 2020, Nuremberg, one river six tunnels

Now, with half of the piece on the bike and triggering nicely along the river, I’m amazed – as always – how I forget this moment. The moment of taking the sounds from the confined control and clarity of the studio and into the wild and varied space of riding a bicycle; carrying them playing through open space, maybe foggy, wet and muted or yelling loud and sharp in cold; along a street, past a bar, beside a river, a kindergarten, a modern square by a University, through a tunnel and then another one, the U-bahn rattling by, then an open park with huge trees blowing chattering or silent still, crossing the river bubbling or weir roaring and so on..  And the sounds and music play and leap into a different life on every ride, each acoustic space adding its own tuning, pumped with a subliminal meaning and a whole that is inexplicable and thrilling.

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