15 sonic bikes and immersion

 In 2020, Nuremberg, one river six tunnels
I don’t think either of us expected there to be so much preparation to do on the bikes themselves. Alex has been backstage for many days cleaning almost a year’s worth of storage decay off their already ageing frames. Considering the Yellow team were second hand hire bikes acquired with timelab from Ghent city council back in 2008, they’ve been doing pretty well. I had thought Bruges 2019 might be their last show, but now on the street, they ride and sound a dream. Paired next to the sonicbikemkII, they also give a very different audio experience to rider. Running from a 350W Kenwood amp to full range hi-fi speakers aimed but spread stereo to your face, experienced from a heavy old bike with squidgy saddle, they’re a float or a sometime punchy cruise next to the current more immersive digital system of the sonicbikemkII that, with efficient sub under riders seat, sits the rider within the sound field rather than thumping it at them. We appreciate them both and the Yellow team still more than holds its own.
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