The bikes talk to each other!

 In 2015, Brussels, Development, Finding Song Home, La Monnaie, Q-O2

The bikes talk to each other! and this map already transforms Molenbeek, GPS response reliable and accurate. The Place Jean Baptiste is the top LH yellow and lilac pointed area. There were around 10 older men standing around talking in the cold this morning. As I weaved amongst them donging and bonging in constantly shifting chords made by my paths, the guys started to watch and then shout and dong and bong laughing with me. Never had that reaction before. Later Tom and I took 2 bikes out and yes, the pitches of their dongs and bongs were whizzing up and down depending how close we were to each other. Fantastic. We’d discussed what is intimacy in sound at the workshop on Saturday and this was suddenly it.

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