Lecture 3. Social and technological space.

 In 2016, Berlin, TU

10am. Studio 1. Audio Communications Group, 3rd floor, TU Berlin. The trick is to ride here then land with breakfast and coffee. The department is silent. Today is exciting. From now on I’ll be presenting considerations for bicrophonic artists that I’ve been growing in the last two years of making. They’re ideas that I have had to research in order to present them. Inspiring stuff and great to now make the time to do it. Today is space.

Lecture 3. Social and technological space. Physical space- a definition;Ma-negative space; visual and sonic perceptions of space; to Henri Lefebvre; Gaston Bachelard; psychogeographer Guy Debord and the Situationists; to dérives and map making.

From the making of 10 sonic bike works, and the compositional decisions and discoveries made, I have come to the conclusion that the bicrophonic artist needs to consider space beyond the physical characteristics that might be at the surface of any outdoor environment, and needs to move beyond the image, the spectacle of the spaces they or their audience might be sent to pedal through. Indeed the consideration of space beyond the surface may also open a door to fresh directions for compositional strategies.

For this session, I presented ways of thinking about space as an entity, a substance, and then focused on the works of three 20th century philosophers.  A critique of space-Henri Lefebvre; Poetics of space and a Phenomenlogy of Architecture Gaston Bachelard, and psychogeographer Guy Debord, dérives and map making. We concluded the session drawing mind maps of our day before 10am.

Students departed with sound diaries to keep daily,(10 minutes), and no headphones to be worn until next session. Monday May 23rd. Next week is a Bank Holiday. I will post my lecture notes.

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