exploring Berlin streets new bike music

 In 2016, Berlin, Professorship

Good to land back in Berlin from London dance project last night. Today I’m in the Tiergarten with old friend and collaborator Andrea Neumann, then out with Gregor Holz exploring the neighbourhood around Villa Elisabeth where Sukander and I will be presenting a new sonic bike work for Micro musik Festival in September. Gregor is also showing me the parks as if Suk and I go the ‘bike as instrument’ route for audience, we’ll need wide open spaces for them to wobble around in. Still surprising there are so many green spaces here. And lawd I love the noisy cemeteries where names on headstones are engraved deep in white. In the UK you need to get close to find a dead person’s identity and you’ll be lucky if you can read it after a few years. Why is that?  Strange also to pedal backwards and forwards through that large chunk of land that was the wall – past old watch towers, blocks of flats, windows that could watch the other side.  A stupid amount of totally tasteless, thoughtless architecture now seeps through it. Considering the creativity at play in this city, it’s daft. Bah we humans are weak for fast reward.the wall line

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