Extrardinary workshop #1 with Sukander Kartadinata

 In 2016, Berlin, Development, Professorship, Sensory Bike (bicycle instrument), TU

11am – 6pm. Studio 1. Audio Communications Group, 3rd floor, TU Berlin.

Extraordinary practical workshop with Sukander Kartadinata. Bicycle as Instrument.

Our aim today is to gather an understanding of sensors so that we can select and build appropriate systems to produce meaningful data that can be used to play or transform sounds when riding a bike.

Also an active cyclist and member of the BRI, Sukander takes us through some practical thought on sensor circuitry to computer interface and audio output, where we spend most of the day immersed in Raspberry Pi’s with sensehats and Pd application. As ever, these processes are much longer than anticipated bearing in mind our wide range of skills and the many different ways of doing things. Outcome though is each participant has a pi that will change sounds when rolled around. Great start. With 2 weeks to each make Pd driven sound synthesis progress, we will have a bike hardware follow up session on Wednesday 8th June. 11-6pm. Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 16.17.45


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