Lecture 6: Aural architecture inside and out goes mapping

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10am. Studio 1. Studio 1, Audio Communications Group, 3rd floor, TU Berlin. Berlin lab bike is charged and loaded with the start of a piece I’m making for the Tiergarten.  It’s hot and everyone has gathered with bikes. Our now dedicated group has a wide range of skills which mixed across practical and theoretical classes needs an edited approach to the one I posted for this course. Today I’m introducing composition into our theoretical considerations.

Lecture 6. Aural architecture inside and out.

I present Sonic Bike mapper, our online mapping tool that allows the linking of specific sound files to different zones read by GPS from the bike, and after making some rudimentary maps, we set off to the Tiergarten. The park is densely green and fresh, bird song massive, car stream down its peripheral roads continuous so as not to be too invasive, with it being lost when we go deeper into the trees. Surprising how many people are walking around. Sounds from the bike range from rhythmic noise with the traffic side path, to pings and dongs and simple bending tones that rise and fall surprisingly low. Its the first time I’ve worked with mini-rig speakers in a park. They’re still impressive and this is without sub which we’ll add later.

We stop and talk, listen some more sitting on the grass and I introduce the idea of the acoustic arena we’re working in.  An acoustic arena, whose content and acoustic horizons are always changing over time anyway, but with this roving sound source we are adding, contributing another layer of complexity.Depending on how you look at it. We discuss different approaches. Sounds to enhance, destroy, transform, complement what is present. Adding  ‘silence’ and listening to the space for the rider. Content, harmonies, rhythms, silence, music, multiple bikes, solo bikes.

Back in the studio, we agree we will make pieces for the Tiergarten and or TU campus. That we’ll present them to the public in the Tiergarten on Saturday 16th July and the Audio communications day on Monday 18th July. Onwards,

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