Extraordinary practical workshop #2 with Sukander Kartadinata

 In 2016, Berlin, Development, Professorship, Sensory Bike (bicycle instrument), TU

11am – 6pm. Studio 1. Audio Communications Group, 3rd floor, TU Berlin.
Extraordinary practical workshop no.2 with Sukander Kartadinata.

Back in the lab with Sukander, now to build sensors onto the sonic bike. We agree to begin with the Hall Effect sensor, previously successfully used in BRI London lab, and soon have a pulse produced from 4 small magnets placed near rim on wheel spokes spinning through field created with other magnet on behind front wheel frame.

We discuss which other cyclist actions could be easily measured and agree on handle bar positioning. Careful positioning of 2 magnets on either side of bike front stem and stiffened break cables produce surprisingly sensitive results. Progress!

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 17.43.54(pulse produced from wheel mounted magnets)
Note that the data stream created and audio produced is through a teensy connected to the RPi running Pd as before.

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