Yeast and the final map

 In 2019, Bruges, To find a white bear

Yesterday it rained, I got locked in the house and the dog ran away, but I finally found some real Lebanese dinner accompanied by welcome Syrian music and was oomf grounded!  By that time I was also pretty sure I had the route in place and so this morning I was out in good time to film and again time the piece from the bike. By 1pm I had cycled it twice at different speeds, and could confirm to AMOK that yes the route would be 25-35 mins long and that yes the T Zand square would be in there for some active play. I’m realising now in fact that the involvement of the T is essential.  It gives the rider a chance to make their own thing in this vast open canvas of a neutral space that has been built recently and is not surrounded by churches and horses and oppressive old history.  The day throbs on. In the afternoon I go to meet brewer Thomas at the Bourgogne des Flandres brewery. What a trip. Not only the sounds and smells of the different machines from the fermenting to the pouring off and pouring in of beer and grain and it dancing up twisting augers to be ground and dropped into vats at specific temperatures that then produce lo – the sound I had been imagining. And that is of a large synthetic bubble that will hover high over the city within which an unearthly trip will unfold as you ride. Sonic bike riders of Bruges, come to our opening on 9th November, prepared for an adventure!  < clues: lace and yeast and a possible bear. Thomas, thank you for the yeast knowledge >

(More details AMOK )

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