back in Bruges

 In 2019, AMOK Festival, Bruges, To find a white bear
I’m out of the studio and back in Bruges to put ‘To find a white Bear’ on the streets. It’s the first time I’ve done so much composition in the studio beforehand using a film I shot from the bike riding the route as score. It’s also the first time I’ve made so much of my own music by playing oscillators and mixing and processing many of the recordings I had made back during the recce. The cappuccino frothing, beer brewing and industrial cake mix beating whisk are particularly glorious not forgetting 92 year old Germayne and her veritably orchestral lace making performance of course. So its pretty exciting and maybe nervous anticipation to get it on the bikes. Will the blistering oscillators work on the street?

Mikey has already delivered the yellow sonic bike team from Essex, and even though the pedals are not on and Pierre’s RH speaker driver has been punched in and Nancy’s box needs remounting, it’s good to have them here and at least some ready to go.

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