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 In 2015, Brussels, Cyclo, Finding Song Home, La Monnaie, Q-O2

Sometimes a week is so rich it’s impossible to write about it at the time. Last week was one of those. On the Monday, I began a sound and listening workshop with 14 9 to 14 year old girls and boys at la Maison des Cultures, Molenbeek with local theatre director Ivan Vrambout, and Samson Pignot, a sound artist from Grenoble interning at Q-O2. Fantastic start. Introduction to sonic cycling, listening and shifting locations,  looking at the map of  Molenbeek where most of them live and the journeys they make, then going on sonic journeys together out on the street. The lightweight Zoom H1’s we’re using are just the job. Super easy to operate with real stereo mic positioning. Back inside in the warm at noon everyone dives upstairs for hot soup. I’m also amazed at their smiling acceptance of my erratic French.

16 feb

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