weaving sonic bike strands in the sunshine

So good to return to Brussels and get with the Vaartkaboen gals and ride Finding Song Home. Brussels city centre has also closed the streets to traffic around La Bourse wow which is just where [...]


visit ‘Finding Song Home’

Kaffe stays in Brussels to visit Finding Song Home (2015). This video is a ride she shot from a yellow #sonic bike in May. The yellow bikes are all now back in London. Kaffe stays now to film [...]


Sunday 10th May Today we launch #findingsonghome at La Maison des Cultures, Molenbeek. A complete contrast to yesterday. Local crowds who knew about our project plus our soloists come to ride [...]

#sonicbikes kids mini-rig speaker mounting

We’re delighted. Jean-Luc and cyclo have completed and built brilliant design for #sonicbikes kids mini-rig speaker mounting. With raspberry pi2 the new brain on the back, this really could be [...]


Glitching, workshops, beaglebones, boxes

Random folder seems to have scuppered things. The beaglebone is glitching trying to handle all this processing information and playback samples. The workshop continues unabated however and Ludo [...]


Good workshop kick off.

Good workshop kick off. We’re introduced to urban planning directions in the city as well as architectural builds to enhance acoustic experiences on the street and locally. First time I’ve had [...]


A 4 verse rap, identity interviews, a spitting song …

Last day with the children at La Maison.  A 4 verse rap, identity interviews, a spitting song and a big fight all get made. Its a rap and we’re happy. Then Tom arrives from London and we prepare [...]


out on bikes

It’s fantastic. We’re not only allowed to take the kids out, but we can also go on bikes. In Uk we’d need forms signed by the school and the parents with it planned weeks in advance. Cycling [...]


Place St Jean Baptiste

We’re in the Place St Jean Baptiste where its likely our sonic bike game will happen. The modernist church behind us feels like a mosque but it’s Catholic. Strangely Brussels government, the [...]


sound and listening workshop

Sometimes a week is so rich it’s impossible to write about it at the time. Last week was one of those. On the Monday, I began a sound and listening workshop with 14 9 to 14 year old girls and [...]

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